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SEA O2 was founded in 2002 by sustainability advisor and entrepreneur, Guy Lane.

SEA O2 assists a diversity of clients in both the public and private sectors to understand and implement sustainability initiatives.

SEA O2's portfolio of projects & experiences demonstrates a depth and breadth of experience in this exciting space.

Areas of experience: Renewable Energy Systems - Climate Sensitive Design - Property Development - Sustainable Energy - Media Communication - Advisory Services - Strategy Planning - Training - Public Presentations - Carbon Auditing - Carbon Offset - Biofuels - Cryptocurrencies and much more...

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SEA O2 Project Portfolio

Promoting electric vehicles

Managing media liaisons

Performing public presentations


Public Relations and media management

Commercial solar power systems

Consulting for tropical urban design

Projects with Traditional Custodians

Solar energy demonstration

Sustainability training for organisations

Public renewables demonstration

Environmental interpretation

International events




SEA O2 Cleantech Lists

Solar Power

CSP Solar

Algae Biofuels

Algae Biofuels

Marine Energy

Wave Power

Underwater Hotel

Undersea Habitats

Tidal Energy


CPV Solar




Other Initiatives by Guy Lane



Contact Details

Base City
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Areas of Operation
Australia & International

Australian Business Number
35 153 401 238


mobile: +61 424 269 930

email: guy.lane@seao2.com

skype: guyjasonlane


How do I pronounce SEA O2?

SEA O2 is pronounced like CO2.

About SEA O2

SEA O2 is a commercial trading name
of sustainability advisor and entrepreneur, Guy Lane.